Chloe Adam

Nutritional Therapist

My Passion

I have always had an interest in health, ranging from mental health to physical health and believe they are equally important to living a happy and healthy life. My work is fuelled by my passion to help others to lead their happiest, and healthiest lives.

My Journey

I am a registered Nutritional Therapist and a member of The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) and The Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) as well as a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach. However, I initially completed my BSc (Hons) in Psychology at the University of Sussex and developed a passion for wanting to help other people be the best they could be. I then became more interested in the role of Functional Medicine, nutrition and lifestyle management in both health and wellbeing.

I went on to study a Postgraduate diploma in Personalised Nutrition, which combined the Functional Medicine Model, Personalised Nutrition and evidence-based research. No individual is the same, everyone has a different health history, lifestyle, diet, and perception of the world. Therefore, I think a personalised and evidence-based approach, utilising the functional medicine model, is vital to achieving optimal health and wellness. 

I have experienced both the detrimental effects of illness and how that can not only leave you in pain and discomfort, but the wider ranging impact it can have on your confidence and self-worth. I used functional nutrition to repair my own health and have seen first-hand the power that this can have in restoring your health, vitality and happiness. This has fuelled my passion to help others in the same way, and has furthered my empathy and understanding of how you may be feeling. 

Special Areas of Interest

My main area of interest is gut health due to my own personal experiences, as well as understanding how imperative digestive health is to so many other areas of health.

My other areas of special interest include skin health, mental wellbeing, weight management and energy.

My Approach

I work using a supportive, personalised and sustainable approach to nutrition to guide you back to wellness. My passion is to help individuals to achieve their health goals, make positive changes in their lives and ultimately provide the opportunity to strive for optimum health.

Days I Am Available At Nutritional Matters

I am currently working remotely which provides me with more flexibility.
Please get in touch so that we can provide you with my updated availability.


My fees

90 min consultation
60 min follow up
40 min follow up

Qualifications & training

  • Postgraduate diploma in Personalised Nutrition
  • BSc (Hons) in Psychology at the University of Sussex
  • Qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach

Membership of professional bodies

  • Registered Nutritional Therapist
  • Member of The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT)
  • Registered member of The Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)
  • Qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach

How i offer Nutritional Support

I work with clients across the UK, and around the world, using Skype, FaceTime & Zoom. There is no need to travel, and you can feel comfortable in your own home. It is free to set up and simple to use, so why not give it a try?

I offer sessions in English