About Us


About us

NutritionalMatters is one of four brands in the HealthMatters Group, utilising nutritional therapy, functional medicine and dietetic services to support people in achieving optimal health and wellbeing. 

We work with clients to help them understand why they are experiencing particular health symptoms, which are often connected to underlying nutritional imbalances. We then create an evidence-based, personalised eating plan that is practical, realistic, effective and sustainable. 

Our practitioners have extensive experience providing support for a range of areas including hormonal balance, digestive function, thyroid function, stress and adrenal dysfunction, optimising health and physical performance. We also provide nutritional support for weight loss, disease management, disordered eating and eating disorders. 

Our Dietitians take a structured approach to help clients optimise their nutrition. This can include designing a bespoke meal plan, based on a review of health history, symptoms, food sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies. 

Our Nutritional Therapists use a wide range of functional testing protocols to assess and identify potential nutritional imbalances and deficiencies. We then create a bespoke treatment plan that combines changes to diet content and structure, lifestyle modifications and a targeted supplement programme to support clients moving towards optimal health and wellbeing.

Our Ethos & Values

We care about our clients, and we want you to feel better. We understand that each client is unique and has differing nutritional needs. 

The NutritionalMatters team works with you to find an evidence-based, personalised eating plan that is practical, realistic, effective and sustainable.

We have an amazing team of practitioners who the NutritonalMatters team work alongside, to ensure that our clients receive maximum comprehensive support. From hormonal imbalance,  diabetes, eating disorders, menopause, weight loss and health optimisation, we’ve got things covered.

A great first step is to arrange a call with our friendly and experienced assessment team. They will listen carefully to what is going on for you, and then explain how our services can support you.


If you are interested in our services, arrange a call with our friendly team.

We want to understand what is going on for you, so we can match you with the right practitioner.

We value being clear and open about our prices, so please check Our Fees before booking a call.


Our team of dietitians and nutritional therapists all have relevant qualifications, are members of their appropriate regulatory bodies, and continually update their skills with regular attendance of industry seminars and workshops. We also invest in supervision for practitioners, and invest in individual professional development to support best practice.

Each year we action a Quality Assurance review to ensure we provide a high standard of treatment  and service provision to our clients. This matters to us, as we want to ensure that we are delivering excellent levels of competency and professionalism, to provide you with effective strategies for change.

It is not just what we do, it is also about how we do it. We assess markers, such as effectiveness and responsiveness, to ensure our delivery of service is exceptional, and that you build a good connection with the person helping you. Research tells us that the connection you have with your practitioner is a strong predictor for positive outcomes in therapy.

Below you will find the many accrediting organisations that our wonderful team of practitioners are associated with.

We speak your language

Some of our therapists speak other languages fluently, so you can have sessions in your own language, as well as English.


NutritionalMatters is one of four elements in The HealthMatters Group, combining targeted psychological and nutritional services in the treatment of physical and psychological wellness.

WeightMatters provides psychological and nutritional treatment for weight-related issues, such as emotional eating, eating disorders, and weight loss.

EmotionMatters provides treatment for general mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, relationship problems and stress management.

Surgical WeightMatters, our partnership with top bariatric surgeon Sanjay Purkayastha, offers excellence in the field of weight loss and bariatric surgery.